Be Baptized at EPC

Be Baptized At Emmanuel Community Park

Baptism is a precious and lovely gift. You either have decided to be baptized and/or to have your child baptized. Why do Christians bring people to the font or pool for this water ritual? Here are some reasons:

  • Baptism surrounds you with love and promises – God’s promise and the promise of the community of faith around you
  • You belong to more than your friends and loved ones – you are God’s child; God’s creation
  • Family is not enough. You need to belong to a community, a people of faith who share a history, a way of life, and a hope for the future
  • You are a part of humanity, which is ensnared with self-justifying impulses, self-love run amuck, trusting what is not worthy of trust – all that the Christian faith calls “sin.” Every human needs God’s forgiving and liberating power
  • Everyone is shaped by some story, some value system. Baptism is “storied water.” It ushers a person into the story of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ
  • We want you to learn what it means to be a Christian – living the abundant life of dwelling in Christ (John 10:10)

Whether you have thought of any of these reasons or have simply felt them in your heart… whether you have these or other reasons… or whether you are certain or uncertain about baptism, rest assured that…

God invites you to receive a beautiful gift – God’s blessings for you through Holy Baptism

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