What does Membership Mean at Emmanuel?

We have three ways to connect to the life and ministries of Emmanuel.  Each category of engagement is important and valued for our fellowship and ministry.  You can choose how you want to be a part of our family.  Just let us know.

  1. Membership: This means you want to be a vital part of the life and ministry of Emmanuel, including participating in the more formal responsibilities of choosing pastors and serving on church council.
  2. Associate Membership: This means you want to be a vital part of the life and ministry of Emmanuel, but your main congregational engagement is at another congregation.
  3. Friends of Emmanuel: This means you want to be a vital part of the life and ministry of Emmanuel, but prefer to do as a friend of Emmanuel rather than using the title “member.”

I Want to Get Involved.  Where Do I Start?

To find out how best to get involved both at Emmanuel and in the community, we can help.  Contact Theresa Shaw at (239-261-0894 ext. 312) You can also request a visit from one of our pastors.  Call the office to arrange an appointment.  Or fill out an information sheet in the pews on Sunday. The pastors love making visits and would enjoy getting to know you.  There are so many fellowship and service opportunities.  Let us assist you in discovering what’s right for you.

Come and Take a Tour of the Sanctuary 

Feel free to stop by and visit our Church.  Our main sanctuary is filled with Christian symbols and images that you would enjoy.

How Can We Best Communicate With You?

If you want to be involved at Emmanuel Lutheran Church take a first step by filling out this membership form and submitting it.  You can also fill out the form in the red folder in every pew on Sunday and put it into the offering plate. We organize membership evenings two or three times a year for people to come and ask questions about the church. When you fill out one of these forms or come to the membership gatherings, this will help us to connect with you.  Let us know your address, phone number and email address. We can then send you monthly newsletters, email information, and updates on all events and activities.  Do you prefer emails?  Do you prefer paper communication?  Would you like a visit from the pastor?  Which designation do you prefer: Member, Associate Member or Friend?  How can we best engage you in the life and ministry at Emmanuel?  Let us know!

We also will make you a name tag so that everyone knows your name on Sunday morning.

Membership Form - Part 1

Thank you for visiting with us. All information is stored confidentially and used only within the Church

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    20th May, 2022
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