Dinner 6 & 8 Ministry

The what & the why

Dinners for 6 or 8 (or 7, 9, 10) is an opportunity to gather with a group of adults from Emmanuel and share a meal while getting to know one another. Our goal is that this same group would meet for dinner one time in January, one time in February, one time in March and one time in April. Often, we can only meet in fellowship on Sundays. Dinners for 6 or 8 is a program offering a break to this cycle by intentionally placing members together who do not know each other well in fellowship over a meal, centered on a brief prayer, scripture, and blessing. Getting to know our sisters and brothers in Christ at Emmanuel is essential for us in our growth in faith together. 2019 was our kickoff year and we had more than 20 dinner groups participating. This season we hope to have even more people involved. One of our new goals this year is to invite individuals and pre-existing groups to look for “creative ways” to grow and expand their experience. This could mean inviting new people into your group, or becoming a facilitator, or maybe joining another group. The main thing is that you are involved. Please pray about it and let the Holy Spirit be your guide.


What's involved?

Dinners for 6 or 8 begins in January.  So the only thing to do during the months of November and December is to sign up. If you’re up north until January, no problem, just sign up by going to this link, or by calling Gina at 239-261-0894.  On Friday, January 3, everyone who signed up will receive an email telling them who is in their group. In the email, you will be given the simple instructions to organize a group email and make a few simple decisions as a group.  Decision #1: What date will the group have its first dinner together in January?  Decision #2:  Who from the group will host the dinner in January? Decision #3: What’s for dinner? Decision #4:  What should each person\couple bring for the first dinner? Decision #5:  Who will be the “ group facilitator” for the first dinner? After that, get ready for a wonderful evening together!

How to sign up?

There are three easy ways you can sign up.

  1. Click here to sign up.
  2. You can call the Church Office 239-261-0894, or email: Gina@naplesEmmanuel.org. Please include your name and phone number.
  3. You can sign up on Sunday morning in the breezeway at the Information Table, or at the Alive service.

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