Rob Andrews is a quiet force at Emmanuel Lutheran Church. “I guess I am a behind-the-scenes guy” he shared. “I am not one for making a public speech or getting on a committee.”

Rob has been at Emmanuel for a number of years now, but with a quiet faith, he recognizes the importance of God throughout his entire life and how the church has been the connecting presence. “My story…well, every highlight in my life, looking back, all the good times and support during the hard times…the Lutheran Church was involved. My parents met at church, I was baptized and confirmed, I attended Lutheran camps and colleges. I met my first wife at the church. When she passed the church supported me. I met my second wife at church.”

When Rob arrived at Emmanuel he was looking for familiarity, but also for a way to quietly serve. He loves music and the choir, but God placed a different calling on his heart. “I miss the choir, but they needed bodies out at the Park. There was a conflict between participating in the choir and church service at the Park. But I think so much of Pastor Will and what he is trying to do. I want to see it succeed, so I felt called to help.” And he does. Rob helps pack food boxes and park cars. “They needed foot soldiers.”

God has been growing and continues to grow Rob’s faith, in his quiet way. “I am around people I wouldn’t otherwise be around. Everything is a new experience. It is a new situation for me and for the church. There are problems to solve and we are solving those through building relationships.”

“There are problems to solve and we are solving those through building relationships.”

Through Rob’s service at the Park, God is also connecting and growing those new to the faith. Rob describes the work that Pastor Will, Deacon Dee, and the other volunteers are doing as “hard work”. He sees the importance of it all in the smiles of those they serve. “I especially see it in the smiles at the food bank. Food is a big thing these days, a lot of people don’t have it. God is working through that ministry to meet the needs of others. People are learning we are a loving church. We are willing to help where we can and bring them closer to Jesus.”

Your generosity to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, one church – multiple communities, is making it possible for Pastor Will, Deacon Dee, and all the “foot soldiers” like Rob to share the love of Christ through food and worship at the Park. Thank you for your generosity to this vital ministry of our church.

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