Kathy Worley grew up a Navy brat. She traveled all over the world with her family. Her parents took her to worship services with the Navy chaplain. She attended a private Episcopalian school, so she is familiar with various denominations of the Christian faith. Kathy’s parents eventually moved to Naples where they became members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church.
When Kathy followed her parent to Naples, she learned about Emmanuel through them. In Naples, Kathy spent valuable quality time with her father before his death. She was then able to be there for her mother as she grieved the loss of her father.
When Kathy’s mother suddenly died in 2001, Kathy remembers how the then “new pastor at Emmanuel,” Pastor Steven Wigdahl, showed up to pray for and comfort Kathy’s mother before her passing. Even though Pastor Steve was new and did not know Kathy or her mother, he was there for them when they needed him.

“I am grateful for both Pastor Steve and for Pastor Frank for being there and being so helpful”

This experience made an impression on Kathy. Unfortunately, Kathy’s time of grief and loss continued. Shortly after her mother’s death, her brother died as well. “Pastor Frank Lee helped me through this very difficult time,” Kathy shared, “whether he knew it or not.”
Kathy experienced an enormous amount of grief and loss in a brief period. God used the people of Emmanuel to help her navigate this painful time. “I am grateful for both Pastor Steve and for Pastor Frank for being there and being so helpful,” said Kathy. God provided a place of solace and comfort through Emmanuel and gave Kathy a purpose. Kathy serves as a Worship Participant at Emmanuel’s traditional services. She is an Assisting Minister, an Acolyte and a Lector. Kathy’s love for serving the Lord is visible as she participates in the worship service. Clearly, Kathy loves and worships God with her whole heart and mind.
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