Interview with Gina Fidler

Before coming to Emmanuel, I worked in a law office. I hated it! I felt miserable on Sunday nights because I knew I had to go back to work the next morning. It was an awful feeling. Something had to change.


A member here at church passed along a tip to my husband that an administrative position was opening at Emmanuel Lutheran Church. I applied. My first interview was with Vivian. I was amazed. The interview went smoothly; it was like talking with a friend. The second interview was with Pastor Steve. Same experience. I was hooked.


Although I received three other job offers the same day as the one came from Emmanuel – for much more money I might add – I accepted the position at Emmanuel. What surprised me was that after a short amount of time here, I knew this position was more than a job. It had become a call from God.

“I knew this position was more than a job. It had become a call from God.”

Working at a church for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. Nevertheless, the daily rhythm of service to others soon surpassed all my hopes and expectations. There’s a steady stream of people, members and non-members, who pass through our church doors. I serve in various ways, for people here in Naples and across the country. Sometimes I literally serve our neighbors, like when Emmanuel started its vaccine ministry in 2021 and arranged COVID vaccine shots for local people. Furthermore, and I love this, we get to talk about God at work. How special is that! I’ve learned so much.


I had a strong faith in God before I started working at Emmanuel. What this job at Emmanuel provided was a place where I could put my faith into action during the week. Now on Sunday nights I’m excited to look ahead to my work on Monday morning at Emmanuel. It’s my call from God.

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